List of On Going Externally Funded Projects

On-Going Projects (Externally Funded)


Project Title (Start Date To End Date)

PI Name


ABI-FRP Hatchery Contractual Service. (10/5/2016  To ---)

Sri. N. K. Barik


Adaptation and mitigation strategies in fisheries and aquaculture to climate change with special reference to freshwater aquaculture. (1/4/2015  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. S. Adhikari


Agri-Business Incubation Centre (10/5/2016  To ---)

Sri. N. K. Barik


All India Network Project on Fish Health (15/7/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. S. S. Mishra


Application of Plastics in Aquaculture. (8/6/2012  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. B. C. Mohapatra

Carp seed production and integrated fish farming technology for livelihood development of Phailin affected tribal farmers of Ganjam district of Odisha. (11/7/2016  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. B. C. Mohapatra


Cryopreservation of embryonic stem cells and primodial germ cells for transplantation and surrogate fish production. (9/5/2016  To  9/5/2019)

Dr. P. Routray


DBT Sponsored 3 Months National Training in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology For Fisheries Professionals. (1/4/2015  To  30/3/2018)

Dr. J. K. Sundaray


Deciphering gene structure and mechanism of Plzf gene expression in spermatogonial stem cells of rohu carp, Labeo rohita (18/3/2015  To  17/3/2018)

Dr. H. K. Barman


Development of a low cost Aquaponics System using Plastics for urban aquaculture (AICRP on PET) (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Sri.  Anantharaja K


Development of a RNA interference-based silencing approach targeting lectin(s) gene transcripts in freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii and its implications as a biotherapeutant.
(30/9/2016  To  29/9/2019)

Dr. J. Mohanty


Development of Novel Immunopotentiator Molecules from Fish Host and Pathogens for Broad Spectrum Disease Control in Freshwater Aquaculture. (8/4/2011  To  31/3/2021)

Dr. P. K. Sahoo


Diversity and Synthesis of immunogloublins in the indian major carps. (1/4/2013  To  30/9/2017)

Dr. M. Samanta


Evaluation of Resveratrol as feed additive to improve growth & survival of Indian major carp.
(1/11/2016  To  31/10/2017)

Dr. P. C. Das


National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases. (1/4/2013  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. P. K. Sahoo


Outreach Activity on Nutrient Profiling and Evaluation of Fish as a Dietary Component
(12/6/2012  To  31/3/2017)

Dr. B. N. Paul


Production of plant sourced mannan oligosaccharides for improving the productivity of freshwater aquaculture. (6/10/2016  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. N. Sridhar


Productivity and production enhancement of freshwater ponds through BMP and aquaculture for livelihood development of the Alia affected SC/ST communities of Islands of the Sundarbans, West Bengal. (19/10/2016  To ---)

Dr. P. P. Chakrabarti


Promoting Improved Agriculture and allied Sector Technologies in Khordha district through Farmer First Approach. (28/10/2016  To  30/4/2018)

Dr. H. K. De


Stock characterization, captive breeding, seed production and culture of hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha)
(8/4/2013  To  30/11/2017)

Dr. D. N. Chattopadhyay


Stock improvement and quality seed production of important freshwater carp, catfish and prawn: prerequisite for NFFBB. (11/2/2013  To  10/2/2018)

Dr. K. D. Mahapatra


Upgradation and dissemination of striped murrel seed production technology
(23/6/2016  To  30/6/2019)

Dr. Rajesh Kumar


Upliftment of tribal community through scientific adoption of aquaculture technologies for the improvement of their livelihood and socioeconomic status in selected districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Dr. Rathod Ramesh


Value-addition by generating stable lines of ornamental transgenic freshwater-fishes
(3/10/2017  To ---)

Dr. H. K. Barman


Water budgeting and enhancing water productivity by multiple use of water in different aquaculture production system. (1/12/2015  To  31/3/2017)

Dr. P. C. Das


Whole genome sequencing and development of allied genomic resources in two commercially important fish-labeo rohita and clorias batrachaus. (10/9/2013  To  9/9/2016)

Dr. P. Das