List of Ongoing Institute Based Projects

On-Going Projects (Institute Based)


Project Title (Start Date To End Date)

PI Name


Amelioration of heat stress in Labeo rohita through dietary intervention. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Dr. Ashis Saha

Bacterial bio-remediation of inorganic pollutants from freshwater ecosystem. (1/4/2014  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. N. K. Maiti

(Till 30th Nov. 2017)


Broodstock Development And Seed Production Of Cultivable Peninsular Carps (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. N. Sridhar

Captive breeding of Narayan Barb, Pethia narayani of Western Ghat
(1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Sri. Mukesh Kumar Bairwa


Captive Breeding, Larval rearing & culture of Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Lamellidens marginalis. (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. Shailesh Saurabh


Carbon sequestration and carbon footprint in some aquaculture systems.
(1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. S. Adhikari


Characterization of gill associated fish pathogens and their diagnosis and control measures
(20/4/2014  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. S. S. Mishra


Comparative Studies on Primary Productivity and Plankton Communities with reference to Fish production and productivity in different fish farming systems in Krishna-Godavari Delta, Andhra Pradesh. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Dr. B. S. Giri


Development of biocontrol agents against important fish pathogens & their application in Aquaculture. (1/4/2014  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. S. S. Mishra


Development of captive breeding and seed rearing technique of Mahanadi Rita, Rita chrysea
(1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Sri. Ferosekhan


Development of Larval diet for Ompok bimaculatus, a high- valued fish of regional importance
(1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. B. N. Paul


Development of low cost feeds for M.rosenbergii culture. (1/4/2014  To  31/3/2017)

Dr. P. V. Rangacharyulu


Development of mobile sediment- water analysis kit and recommendation measures for freshwater fish ponds. (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. Subhas Sarkar


Development of protocol for seed production and grow-out culture of some important snakehead species. (1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. Rajesh Kumar


Diseases of peninsular carps upon introduction to culture systems. (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. Hemaprasanth


Effect of CIFABROOD on the breeding performance and seed quality of Jayanti rohu (Labeo rohita). (1/4/2014  To  31/3/2017)

Dr. S. Nandi


Effect of heat stress on the reproductive function of rohu and its amelioration strategy.
(1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. Ashis Saha


Project Title (Start Date To End Date)

PI Name


Evaluation of optimum stocking density for nursery raising of Labeo rohita spawn under hapa system (multi-location trial) in village ponds of middle Gujarat. (1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. C. K. Misra


Evaluation of the performance of whiteleg shrimp, Litopeneaus vannamei in freshwater culture systems. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. B. R. Pillai


Evaluation of training programmes conducted by ICAR-CIFA. (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. H. K. De


Evaluation on increasing production of safe fish with feed in sustainable wastewater aquaculture. (1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. R. N. Mandal


Exploring the possibilities of ornamental fish breeding and culture in Gujarat plains agro climatic regions of India. (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. C. K. Misra


G/E interaction evaluation for growth rate of Jayanti rohu in different parts of India.
(1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. Khuntia Murmu


Genetic characterization of Indian populations of Clarias magur and Dawkinsia tambraparnie
(1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Sri. Lakshman Sahoo


Genetic Improvement of Freshwater Prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) in India-Phase III. (1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. B. R. Pillai


Integrated Disease Management in Freshwater Aquaculture. Sub Project D: Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial use in Freshwater aquaculture in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh to characterize their relationship. (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. S. S. Mishra


Main Project: - Nutritional intervention and development of feeding strategy for freshwater aquaculture.

Dr. K. N. Mohanta


Sub project: - 1. Evaluation of Mohua oil cake as a non-conventional ingredient and its use in carp feed. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Dr. S. C. Rath


Sub Project: - 2. Ontogeny of digestive system of selected catfish species and its implication on larval feed development. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Ms Rakhi Kumari


Sub-Project:- 3. Evaluation of some fish feed processing technology by use of local feed ingredients for enhancing aquaculture production. (1/5/2016  To  30/4/2019)

Dr. K. C. Das


Sub-Project:- 4. Study on nutrient requirement and feed development for Pengba, Osteobrama belangeri. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Dr. K. N. Mohanta


Sub-Project: 5. Development of Phospholipid enriched micro larval diet for murrel
(1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Sri. Nitish Kumar Chandan


Outreach activity of fish genetics stock (1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. P. Das


Outreach activity on Fish Feeds. (1/4/2008  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. S. S. Giri


Piloting a Integrated Information System for Effective Technology Dissemination and Decision Making in Freshwater Aquaculture. (1/5/2017  To  31/3/2019)

Sri. I. Sivaraman


Project Title (Start Date To End Date)

PI Name


Plankton productivity in relation to season and nutrient interaction in Peninsular Aquaculture Systems (1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. Gangadhar Barlaya


Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in rohu, Labeo rohita in response to heat stress. (3/5/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Sri. Mohan Ramesh Badhe


Refinement of Freshwater Pearl Culture Technology for Sustainable Production of Pearls in Confined Conditions. (1/4/2013  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. Shailesh Saurabh


Scaling up of AFS as a model of farmer to farmer extension. (1/4/2016  To  31/3/2019)

Dr. G. S. Saha


Selective Breeding of Catla (Catla catla) for growth improvement and two traits (growth & disease resistant against A. hydrophila) selection & dissemination of improved rohu (Labeo rohita) (13/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. K. D. Mahapatra


Standardization of grow-out production technology of pengba, Osteobrama belangeri.
(1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. P. C. Das


Stock development of indigenous ornamental fish, Channa Species of NE states.
(1/4/2017  To  31/3/2020)

Dr. S. K. Swain


Studies on technical and economic feasibility of integrated crop livestock fish farming systems involving Mystus gulio Eutropiichthys vacha and Puntius sarana along with carps.
(1/4/2015  To  31/3/2018)

Dr. P. P. Chakrabarti